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You are The One

You are the one you’ve been looking for. You are the one who is there for you in your darkest hour. You are the one who is there to celebrate all the joyous moments. You may think you have found ‘the one’, or be looking for ‘the one’. You may have left ‘the one’, or […]

Self-Love is a Path, a Practice and a Choice

Self-love is so many things! It is about how you choose to speak to yourself in every waking moment.
It is about growing self awareness and then being honest with yourself. Self-love about cultivating self-compassion and forgiveness, self-awareness and trust.

Honour my Body: A Work in Progress

Last week I made a decision I wouldn’t have been able to make 6 months or a year ago. I chose to honour my body over everything else. This meant cancelling a workshop I had spent time creating and planning and telling others about, but suddenly I knew my body wanted something else.

Fear on a Healing Journey

Healing journeys don’t always feel safe. Sometimes they’re the most frightening roller coaster ride you’ll ever take. When fear stopped calling the shots, the journey became less frightening!