Fear on a Healing Journey

Healing journeys don’t always feel safe. Sometimes they’re the most frightening roller coaster ride you’ll ever take. When fear stopped calling the shots, the journey became less frightening!

Authentic Partnership: ten years and counting

What started out as romance 10 years ago has turned into an ever-evolving journey of authentic partnership between Harlan and I. In this post I take stock of what I’ve learned over this last decade, and how reflecting is a powerful tool.

Fistula Surgery @ the Research Institute: Part 2

Part 2 of my journey to the Fistula Research Institute in Chandigarh, India, where I was lucky enough to be in the kind, caring and expert hands of Dr Garg and his amazing team.

Fistula Treatment @ the Research Institute: Part 1

This is the factual account of my ‘life-changing’ trip to the Fistula Research Institute in India in June this year for fistula treatment with the expert Dr Garg and his amazing team.

Into the light

Words that came to me on an evening walk out of the valley where we live and up into the waning evening light on the hill.

India: I am ready

n under two weeks I fly to India. A country that both scares me and intrigues me. A place where the Goddess Kali resides in many places. And I will meet her, even though I may not at first know it.

Goddess on the Go: A New Deck for Me

Goddess on the Go is my new favourite deck of cards, not only because of their convenient playing card size, but also their dreamy watercolour painting and simple, yet powerful “I am” affirmations.

Stay Strong: Self Love Theme for 2017

Did you know that you don’t have to stay strong in the macho, suck it up way? Strong doesn’t mean you have to self-sacrifice and suck it up. You don’t need to pretend that everything is OK and just keep going and going like a machine.

I Can Heal Myself – Can’t I?

When you hear the words “you have the power to heal yourself”, what does that mean to you? Do you feel empowered or guilty?

Listening to my Inner Wisdom

On Monday, the 23rd of January, I had the perfect opportunity to practice tapping into my Inner Wisdom. This is what I’ve been studying since September. Learning tools that I can use with myself and also with others, and now here I was faced with a decision where my Inner Wisdom was key.

International Day of Self Love 2017

Today is the 10th International Day of Self Love (founded by Christine Arylo), and I recorded a quick video about this year’s theme – Staying Strong. Not in the macho way, but strong in the sense of staying true to yourself and feeling that strength in your core.

Recovering Wholeness or Uncovering Wholeness?

Reflecting on the layers of self I’m uncovering as I journey along this path of self-discovery, I wonder: Are we recovering wholeness? Or are we uncovering wholeness? Or is it something else? I think of the famous quote by Michelangelo: I really believe that we are like that piece of marble, and that we are […]