Stay Strong: Self Love Theme for 2017

Did you know that you don’t have to stay strong in the macho, suck it up way? Strong doesn’t mean you have to self-sacrifice and suck it up. You don’t need to pretend that everything is OK and just keep going and going like a machine.

I Can Heal Myself – Can’t I?

When you hear the words “you have the power to heal yourself”, what does that mean to you? Do you feel empowered or guilty?

Listening to my Inner Wisdom

On Monday, the 23rd of January, I had the perfect opportunity to practice tapping into my Inner Wisdom. This is what I’ve been studying since September. Learning tools that I can use with myself and also with others, and now here I was faced with a decision where my Inner Wisdom was key.

International Day of Self Love 2017

Today is the 10th International Day of Self Love (founded by Christine Arylo), and I recorded a quick video about this year’s theme – Staying Strong. Not in the macho way, but strong in the sense of staying true to yourself and feeling that strength in your core.

Recovering Wholeness or Uncovering Wholeness?

Reflecting on the layers of self I’m uncovering as I journey along this path of self-discovery, I wonder: Are we recovering wholeness? Or are we uncovering wholeness? Or is it something else? I think of the famous quote by Michelangelo: I really believe that we are like that piece of marble, and that we are […]

So What Next?

Who did I feel safe sharing this with, and what was bothering me about letting others know. I heard some responses like, ‘Wow, so what next?’ or ‘Wow, so now you can get on with your life!’ Even though they were all in my head, I knew they required exploration…

Her Shadow – Soul Writing

I wrote Her Shadow on the 29th of January 2014, and it is heartening for me to read back over it now and realise how much has changed for me in mind, body and spirit, especially the decrease in pain with a fistula.

Endings and new beginnings…

Death beckoned at my door with his arms wide open, a slight smile on his face. I stood. What else was there to do with his presence so full, right there in my space? It’s not your life I’m here for, he said…

Releasing Fear: EFT in the Bathtub

I feel the disquiet in my being today. I’m unsettled and my mind is scattered and wandering. It’s harder to be present to the way the clouds are changing shape or the deep rich smell of the freesias every time I walk past them on the table. A post about exploring those feelings and releasing fear with EFT.

Hormonal Imbalance – Is it getting you down?

Did you know that hormonal imbalance is at the root of so many things that feel out of balance for women (and men)? From dry, chapped lips, to internal rage, weight retention to fuzzy brain, anxiety to depression…the list goes on…

Hope – Four Years Ago

This time four years ago I was discharged from Whangarei Hospital to come ‘home’ to celebrate a friend’s 30th who had driven up from Auckland. I explore emotions and the hope that kept me grounded and moving forward.

Artist Residency in Healing – Shadows

I look up and see those shadows on the fridge. This means the sun is dipping behind the trees, it ‘s time to move from the couch…to witness this change of light.