Recovering Wholeness

Please join me on my journey to recovering wholeness of body, mind and spirit…

I believe that we all start our journey here on Earth whole, and then spend our life working towards uncovering and recovering that wholeness that we know we have. Life, of course, is a journey. Each one is so unique and takes many different turns, spirals and exploratory adventures. What catapulted me onto my journey of looking deeper and seeking to uncover the joy of being me without the constraints of ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ was a Crohn’s disease diagnosis, and the complications of a fistula in 2012 especially.

My dream is that by sharing my thoughts, ideas and resources that have really supported me on this journey, I may be able to support and inspire you on whatever journey it is that you are on. Although it is Crohn’s and a fistula that has been one of my instigators for soul searching, I know that so many searching, deepening paths, no matter the prompt behind them, can inspire and hold out a hand to others on a different path.

EFT has been a savior on my journey and so I decided to train as a coach, and am a Level 2 practitioner through IMU. Head over to my EFT page to find out more, or simply get in touch for a free consultation.

Self love has also been an amazing game changer for me, and as of October 2017 I completed my year-long certified training with the Path of Self Love to share the simple, yet powerful tools that have helped thousands of women around the world in the last 10 years. Please visit my Self Love page to find out more, or get in touch to talk more about how deepening your own self love can create shift in your life

Level 2 EFT certification

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