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Why Circle?

My big why for facilitating circle is to create safe space for the REALNESS that so many of us crave! For each of us there will be a different answer. Why might you seek out circle?


Surrender is opening yourself up to the possibility of unknown freedom. It’s a letting go. Letting go of control, expectations, the need to know, the need to shape something to what we desire. From moment to moment it changes how it looks for me, and for you.

What will your day be like?

What will your day be like? If you let it be determined by external factors, you’re playing roulette. When you wake up in the morning you actually have the power to choose!

My 2019 Vision Board

My 2019 vision board has been brewing since my reflection ritual at the end of last year, where I mined for wisdom gained, and what I wanted to leave behind and bring with me in 2018. It is my guide for choices and decisions for 2019.