surrender to freedom


Surrender is opening yourself up to the possibility of unknown freedom. It’s a letting go. Letting go of control, expectations, the need to know, the need to shape something to what we desire. From moment to moment it changes how it looks for me, and for you.

What will your day be like?

What will your day be like?

What will your day be like? If you let it be determined by external factors, you’re playing roulette. When you wake up in the morning you actually have the power to choose!

Gratitude is like a muscle...grow it!

Gratitude is like a muscle…

Gratitude is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it grows. It’s a habit. Cultivate it and see what joy it can bring.

Sense of Belonging – an inside job

We confuse belonging with fitting in, but the truth is that belonging is just in our heart, and when we belong to ourselves and believe in ourselves above all else, we belong everywhere and nowhere – Brene Brown

Good-bye sweet Olive…

Our sweet Olive crossed over the rainbow bridge, and I wanted to share some words I write to her.

My 2019 Vision Board

My 2019 vision board has been brewing since my reflection ritual at the end of last year, where I mined for wisdom gained, and what I wanted to leave behind and bring with me in 2018. It is my guide for choices and decisions for 2019.

Pohutukawa trees

A poem. New Zealand, pohutukawa trees and memories.

To share…

To share…or not to share. How does one balance the reality of the dark cavernous struggle that some moments are, with the silver linings that we seek throughout the days?

You are The One

You are the one you’ve been looking for. You are the one who is there for you in your darkest hour. You are the one who is there to celebrate all the joyous moments. You may think you have found ‘the one’, or be looking for ‘the one’. You may have left ‘the one’, or […]

Loving Surrender: A go-to for 2017

In January this year I completed Christine Arylo’s four-step ‘Visioning your Year’ process. In the first step, Expand, one of the questions is: What do I most need to receive this year?

Self-Love is a Path, a Practice and a Choice

Self-love is so many things! It is about how you choose to speak to yourself in every waking moment.
It is about growing self awareness and then being honest with yourself. Self-love about cultivating self-compassion and forgiveness, self-awareness and trust.

Thank you India, and Everything Else

Thank you India. And thank you for my courageous spirit to pursue my vision of a vibrantly healthy body. Thank you to all those who walk with me – both near and far – sharing their strengthening love and support.