Are you ready to take hold of the reins to your life?

Are you feeling at a loss in life, navigating change, experiencing health challenges or would simply love some support from someone who gets it?

I am here for you.

Sessions with me are gentle and nourishing, and we go at the pace that feels comfortable for you!

Through a wonderful combination of tools, techniques and choosing the support that felt best for me, I navigated and moved through an intense health challenge, anxiety, bouts of depression and generally feeling like a victim in the early years – to a place where I now feel deeply empowered and live life with a deep love and respect for myself (95% of the time).

If I can do it, you can too!

As your self love and empowerment guide, let me hold up a mirror so that you can see just how magnificent you really are. Let me guide you on your journey to a place where you feel ready to take back the reins, and start doing life on your terms. I also incorporate EFT and movement where it feels good.

I offer one-on-one and group coaching (info coming soon), one-day workshops and online courses (in development).

Read more about each of those below or let’s connect through my free 30 minute consult.

Sistership Circle – monthly gatherings of women, either virtually or in-person to explore a theme together. A place to be real and show up exactly as you are, and feel the magic of what circle can bring you.

Read more on my blog – Why Circle. Monthly events will be listed on this site soon.

Events – in person gatherings, workshops, virtual gatherings, 6-8 week programmes, one-on-ones – to be listed soon.

First 30 minute consultation so that we can get to know each other = FREE

EFT recordings that you can listen to on your own – created around a topic of your choice. You write to me/connect on zoom and tell me what’s bothering you and what you desire instead, and I will create a 5-10 minute recording for you to keep = $30-50 (NZ)